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James Lewis and Gavriel Salvendy have accepted the conference invitation to hold mentoring sessions for PhD students, each with two important topics. Further information is available here.


Demonstrations are a new, alternative form of presenting ideas and results to the international audience of the HCII conference, and they are governed by the same conference registration policy applicable for the submissions of papers and posters. Additionally, as Demonstrations will be placed in the Exhibition Area, they will be also bound by the rules of conduct applicable to the Exhibitors.
For more information, please visit: http://2018.hci.international/demonstrations

Student Volunteers

The HCII2018 Program for Student Volunteers gives full time university students from around the world the opportunity to attend and contribute to one of the most prestigious conferences in the field of computing and HCI. As an HCII2018 Student Volunteer, you will interact closely with researchers, academics and practitioners from various disciplines and meet other students from around the world.

The skills, talents and dedication of the Student Volunteers contribute to the overall quality of the Conference. The Student Volunteer role involves a range of duties, including, интернешенал 2018 дата but not limited to:

  • providing assistance to the Conference Secretariat staff;
  • helping and directing other Conference participants; and
  • contributing to the overall smooth running of the Conference functions and social events.

More Details Apply through the cms

  • Eligibility

    Applicants must be undergraduate, Master's, or Ph.D. full time students, regardless of discipline, during the academic year 2017-2018.

  • The Student Volunteer should:

    • Be enthusiastic and intelligent with strong interpersonal skills.
    • Have experience and/or strong interest in HCI.
    • Be fluent in English, which is the language of the Conference.
    • Be reliable, punctual and organized.
    • Be a self-starter.
  • Student Volunteers will be granted with:

    • A Complementary Conference Registration, offering access to all open technical sessions (i.e., Parallel Paper Presentations), entrance to the Exhibition, refreshments during breaks, Conference proceedings and one ticket for the Conference Reception.
    • Complimentary Registration for one Half-Day Tutorial of your choice.
    • Two Student Volunteers T–shirts.
  • Duration of Duties

    Applicants must be available for at least three (3) FULL days between the 15th and 20th of July 2018. Accepted Student Volunteers are expected to offer a total of 20 hours of volunteering work.

  • To be considered as a Student Volunteer for the HCII2018 Conference, you need to login and apply online through the Conference Management System (CMS). In order to login, you need to have a CMS account.

    You will be required to submit a scanned copy of an official letter (in English) from your University or School, duly signed and stamped, indicating your current student status during the on-line application process. This letter must be presented when registering at the Conference.

Источник: http://2018.hci.international/

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